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Suspensions Rheology

The flow of suspensions is involved in various fields in industry (concrete, propellants...), geology (mudflows and lava) or biology (blood flow). Due to the large number of physical and chemical parameters (size and particle shape, polydispersity, rheological properties of the fluid, ...) numerous different mechanical behaviors are observed for all of these complex materials (thixotropy, rhéofluidifiaction, shear thickening, yield stress, ...).

However, even the simplest suspensions exhibit very rich physical behavior due to a strong coupling between the flow, the interactions between particles and their organization. It is these links that we explore through experiments in which the interactions between particles and / or external forces to which they are subject are well controlled. Each time it is possible, the rheometric measurements are carried out using local method and are accompanied by visualization. Numerical simulations in "Force Coupling Method" and "Stokesian Dynamic" complement experiments and a comparative analysis of experimental and numerical results allows us to evaluate the influence of microscopic parameters on the mean mechanical behavior of the suspensions.

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