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Surfaces & Interfaces

- Nowadays, the conception or the fonctionalization of surface give a peculiar interest in many fields from the (micro) fluidic to the anti-bioadhesive properties but also for the development of new generation of coatings. The "Surfaces and Interfaces" Group of the LPMC is specialized in organic chemistry and material chemistry for the development of active surfaces and bioactives surfaces. Its knowledge allows to go from the molecular conception toward the construction of surface with specific properties. The main activities of the research group concern the preparation and the development of active or bioactives surfaces. The average composition of the team is 4 permanent positions and 10 PhD students. Their works concern the following domains :

  • the active surfaces (biocides or hyperbiocides and nano-networks) ;
  • the bio-inspired materials (superhydrophobic and superoléophobic materials) ;
  • the biobased chemistry.

In order to carry out its scientific missions, this research group has specific skills and equipments (tensiometer, goniometer, atomic force microscopy, optic profilometer, imaging infrared spectrometer, surface zeta potential, electrochemistry, UV, polarized optical microcopy with temperature variation). The knowledge, developed thanks to public and private research contracts, concerns :

  • fluorine chemistry, notably of highly fluorinated tails and their alternatives ;
  • surfactants ;
  • molecular organized systems ;
  • liquid crystals ;
  • self assembled monolayers ;
  • polymers ;
  • superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surfaces ;
  • biocides : low molecular weight, polymeric and nanoparticles network, biocide surfaces, hyperbiocide surfaces, biobased chemistry notably for the preparation of innovative alkyde coating.

- Associated technological platform : Surface treatment and analysis.

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