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Quantum Information with Light & Matter (QILM)

Thanks to its experience in guided-wave quantum communication, MOSAIQ is seeking to play an even more important role in quantum information thanks to the recent setting-up of cold atom based experiments. Gathering at the same place complementary experimental technics and skills offers unprecedented possibilities to couple the fundamental quantum resources (qubits, pairs of entangled qubits, etc.) in more complex, however very ambitious, experiments.

More specifically, on one hand we are involved in the generation and manipulation of non-classical states of light (entanglement, Fock states, etc.) thanks to the development of new generation optical chips, integrating several optical functions on a single lithium niobate substrates (photon pair generator, directional couplers, wavelength (de)multiplexers, etc.). On the other hand, we are currently studying quantum storage experiments based on cold atomic samples using two different species, i.e., rubidium and cesium, respectively, finding applications in both applied (quantum networking and processing) and fundamental (entanglement of two remote quantum memories) physics.

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