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Microfluidics, PhysIcal-cheMistry and bIology at interfaCes (MIMIC)

Our research lies at the interface between physics, chemistry, biology and geosciences. Material interfaces play an important role in our research, from drops to bubbles, elastic walls, membranes, complex substrates and granular materials. We combine a theoretical approach with numerical simulations and experimental techniques (ranging from microfluidics to microfabrication in clean room facilities, surface treatment, acoustics, mechanics, and biophysics). Owing to their interdisciplinary nature, all projects are realized in collaboration with biologists, chemists and geophysicists.

The topics studied concern :

  • The physical chemistry of interfaces (wetting, adhesion, microfluidics, production of drops and particles, bubble dynamics, cavitation…).
  • The rapid microscopic movement in biology (ferns and fungi).
  • Growth biomechanics : single cells and collective behavior (bacterial biofilms, fungi).
  • The pH evolution and regulation in artificial and biological systems (healthy cells, cancer).
  • The mechanics and acoustics of granular materials, lab earthquakes.

Associated technological platform : Class-10000 clean room.

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