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Complex Fluids

Our investigations mainly concern the studies of complex systems in soft matter, as examplified by fluid interfaces, granular media, liquid foams, bubbles or vegetals. In particular we are interested by the response of such systems to acoustic or electric, or hydrodynamic, or thermal sollicitations. For example, we study :


- Nonlinear wave propagation

  1. At liquid surfaces. We have evidenced new types of solitary waves.
  2. In-granular packing. The sound wave propagation is visualized by means of photoelasticity.
  3. In-soap foam, where the surface tension plays a major role.

- Dynamics of liquid interfaces.

  1. Impact between a liquid jet and a solid surface or a liquid film.
  2. Contact between a drop and a vibrated or heated surface (Leidenfrost effect).
  3. Dynamics of cavitation bubbles, of bubbles in gels, or during a chemical reaction.

- Fast motions of vegetals, involving processes such as evaporation, cavitation or poroelasticity.

Associated technological platform : Class-10000 clean room.

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