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In-situ wettability study in the environmental scanning electron microscope

Zahava Barkay

Mercredi 16 juin 2010

Mercredi 16 juin à 11h en salle C. Brot

Static and dynamic wettability study can be carried out in the environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM). The ESEM at wet-mode provides condensation and evaporation of water droplets by controlling the temperature-pressure conditions while in-situ imaging the sample. The method provides distinguishing between hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces and contact angle measurement of micro-scale droplets for vertical and parallel orientation of the sample relative to the main electron beam. A novel method will be presented for studying droplet shape and contact angle of droplets below 1 micron over thin organic films. It uses wet scanning transmission electron microscopy in ESEM combined with Monte-Carlo (MC) simulation for transmitted electrons. The MC simulation program was specifically developed for droplets of spherical cap geometry. The seminar includes applications from our research, which cover a range of droplet sizes from macro to nano-scale.

ps : invitée par Richard Kofman

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