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Time-dependent transport through quantum nanostructures

Vidar Gudmundsson

Mercredi 23 juin 2010

Mercredi 23 juin 2010

à 11h en salle C. Brot

In the talk we present how a formalism built on a non-Markovian generalized master equation can be used to describe electron transport through a finite quantum wire with an embedded subsystem. The finite wire is weakly coupled to semi-infinite quasi two-dimensional leads. The leads and the wire are subject to an external perpendicular magnetic field. We show how the model can reproduce effects seen in scattering models of transport, and show examples of the complex interplay of the geometry, the magnetic field, and the Coulomb interaction between the electrons.

invité par O. Legrand

Voir en ligne : http://www.raunvis.hi.is/~vidar/