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Transport and localization in low dimensional wave systems

- Porteur : Kuhl Ulrich

- Collaborateurs LPMC : Legrand Olivier, Mortessagne Fabrice

- Collaborateurs extérieurs : Izrailev F. (Instituto de Física at BUAP, Puebla, Mexico), Rotter S. (TU Wien, Vienna, Austria), Vignolo P. (INLN, Nice), Chabanov A. (University of Texas, San Anonio, USA)

- Description :

We have two different setups to measure transport in quasi-one dimensional systems. The first one is a rectangular waveguides, where either bulk or surface disorder can be realized. Within this wave guide we have realized enhanced localization by correlated disorder using both type of disorders [1,2]. We want to study how transport properties can be changed due to incident wave shaping in complex systems. This question is also related to the “Particle-like scattering states “, where incident wave shaping is a crucial issue.

The second setup consists of a brass tube with 8cm diameter which can be filled with alumina balls which are embedded in a Styrofoam ball to guarantee a minimal distance. If the tube is reasonably filled we have a disorder configuration, where ensemble averages can be easily performed by rotating the tube along the long axis. Evaluating the microwave transport, especially its fluctuations, with the additional information of the polarization direct, diffusive, and localized part of the transport can be recognized [3]. We now introduce an additional Teflon cylinder in the center of the tube, which leads to a guided mode which is coupled to the outside where either diffusive or localized motion is present. To understand the interplay of these different transport mechanism is the main goal of the project.

[1] O. Dietz, U. Kuhl, H.-J. Stöckmann, N. M. Makarov, and F. M. Izrailev. “Microwave realization of quasi-one-dimensional systems with correlated disorder”. Phys. Rev. B 83, 134203, 2011.
[2] O. Dietz, H.-J. Stöckmann, U. Kuhl, F. M. Izrailev, N. M. Makarov, J. Doppler, F. Libisch, and S. Rotter. “Surface scattering and band gaps in rough waveguides and nanowires”. Phys. Rev. B 86, 201106(R), 2012.
[3] A. A. Chabanov, M. Stoytchev, and A. Z. Genack, “Statistical signatures of photon localization”, Nature (London) 404, 850 (2000).

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