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Integrated quantum photonic on Lithium Niobate substrates. Roadmap toward higher integration density

Tommaso Lunghi

Jeudi 25 février 2016

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Scalable and reliable integration of several optical functions on a single chip is a major step in the realization of complex quantum photonic circuit. To this aim, several platforms are competing as possible leader technology. Among them, Lithium Niobate is an appealing material since it enables highly efficient photon sources and ultra-fast electro-optic modulators, which make them very competitive for on-chip engineering of quantum light.

In the talk I am going to introduce all the basic components (and their fabrication process on LN) that constitute the building blocks for more complex photonic chips, e.g. evanescent-waveguide couplers, WDM, and correlated-photon pair sources we have realized here in Nice. Then, I will discuss the current trend of quantum integrated photonic and will give an overview on how those elementary functions can be used for future designs that involve the integration of several components on a single chip for advanced quantum photonics experiment.