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Huiles végétales époxydées et alcool furfurylique : deux types de monomères pour l’élaboration de thermodurcissables et de composites biosourcés

Thèse Guillaume Falco

à 9h30 en salle de séminaire du bât. de Chimie

The works presented in this thesis are oriented towards the elaboration of biobased thermosets and composites synthesized from epoxidized vegetable oils (linseed and soybean oils) and a furan derivative (furfuryl alcohol (FA)). A first area of research focused on the study of the polymerisation of FA into polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA) (i) in protic polar solvents, (ii) in combination with wood and (iii) in the presence of new reaction initiators. In presence of solvents, the observed structural changes has been linked to the thermomechanical properties. Another PFA structure modification was obtained with the FA polymerization in presence of 2,5 dimethylfuran. This work allowed a better understanding of the reactivity of the furanic resin within the wood fibers and shows that the obtained wood/PFA composites have higher density and resistance than their non-modified equivalents. Finally, the initiation of FA polymerization by levulinic acid (LA) and p-toluene sulfonylhydrazine, respectively biobased and « latent » initiators has been studied. The second topic of thesis concerns a new type of fully bio-based epoxy resin synthesized from epoxidized vegetable oils. Linseed and soybean oils have both been copolymerized with a dicarboxylic acid as curing agent. A first fundamental work was to correlate the reactivity of copolymerization with the polymer structure and to link them with thermomechanical properties. The obtained thermosets have been used to prepare nanocomposites with sepiolite. Different methods of dispersion and/or modification of sepiolite conduct to diverse morphologies of nanofiller dispersions into the matrix and allow tailored final properties of the materials.

Keywords : biobased polymers, composites and nanocomposites, epoxidized linseed oil, epoxidized soybean oil, furfuryl alcohol, sepiolite, thermosets, wood