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TOQS 2013

May 21-25, 2013

The workshop "Transport in Open Quantum Systems : Experiment and Theory" will be held in Porquerolles, on May 21-25, 2013.

Open quantum systems are at the center of many research areas. The workshop will bring together communities working with shared interests on superradiance and localization in cold atoms, experiments with microwave resonators, exceptional points and PT symmetry, optics, nuclear physics, quantum chaos, quantum dots, quantum transport in mesoscopic systems, random lasing. The objective is to bring together both theoretical and experimental physicists addressing similar scattering and transport phenomena in order to focus theoretical research towards applicative problems and to push experiments into regimes which have not been analyzed before. The participating PhD students, Post Docs thus will gain insight on several different subjects in physics wich are related to open wave systems, giving them the possibility to widen their education in this field.

More informations are available here.