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Fibre and Waveguide Lasers : from materials to devices (with an eye on applications)

Stefano Taccheo

11h — Site Valrose

This seminar reviews the work done in fibre and waveguide laser and amplifier and propose future research lines. Emphasize will be on the generation of new wavelength regimes, as Mid-Infrared laser action using different pumping schemes and its potential impact on healthcare. The talk will also cover generation of visible/UV continuum, based on non-linear tailored microstructured fibres where high-order mode coupling and propagation is exploited, and its applications. The seminar also reviews the work done on photodarkening investigation, measurements and mitigation in fiber lasers. We present the outcomes were we link the glass composition to active fiber properties and we propose a model for photodarkening in Yb-doped fibers. We demonstrate a mitigation method based on photobleanching and we show how an accurate spectroscopic measurement of Yb excited state absorption spectrum lead to its optimization. We finally describe a set-up to provide fiber manufacturers a reliable method of evaluation of photodarkening in active fiber.