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Specialty optical fibres manufacture

- Supervisor : Dussardier Bernard

- Involved Engineers / Technicians : Ude Michèle, Trzesien Stanislaw

- Assignments :

The Technology Platform for Specialty Optical Fibres was founded by CNRS in 1986 at the LPMC site. Its equipments include MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition) lathe for preform preparation, fibre drawing tower, characterization facilities for preforms and fibres optical properties, spectroscopic characterization facilities for the rare-earth doped optical fibres, and computer facilities for fibre design and characterization.

This platform is expert in designing and preparing of ’optically active ions’-doped optical fibres, such as rare-earth ions useful in amplified optical telecommunications and lasers, in association with special optical fibre waveguide designs with original and diversified modal, spectral, non-linear and chromatic dispersion properties. Examples of recent achievements include : a dispersion fibre compensator with extremely high negative chromatic dispersion (-4500 ps/nm/km), a real 1D-photonic band gap all-solid optical fibre, and rare-earth-doped nanoparticles in transparent nano-ceramics optical fibres.

Occasionally, the Centre conducts services for companies or external research organizations on optical fibre structures and / or original doping.

This platform is part of the GIS (‘Groupe d’Intérêt Scientifique’) GRIFON (Groupe de Recherche Innovante en Fibres Optiques Nouvelles, or ‘Innovative Research Group on New Optical Fibres’) of CNRS since 2005. GRIFON is a unique centre of this kind in Europe for proficiency and technical skills to an international standard. It is offered as a modern facility within academic research institutes for developping optical fibres having original properties.

- Facilities :

  • MCVD lathe for preform fabrication,
  • 5m-drawing tower,
  • Refractive index analyser for preforms,
  • Refractive index analyser for preforms,
  • Optical and spectroscopic characterization (laser sources, detectors, monochromators, optical spectrum analysers,…).



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