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Experiments with Self-organizing azopolymer material

Régis Barillé

Mercredi 5 juin 2013

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Advance in the fabrication of nano-objects becomes more important for the development of new nanodevices with local properties leading to new functional devices. In this direction, assembly of nanometer-scaled building blocks into device configurations and functionalization is an intensively investigated research field in nanotechnology. Photoactive polymer derivatives as azopolymer proved successfully as photochromic materials. Incorporation of heterocyclic sulfonamide group in form of side chain of linear polymethacrylate resulted in relatively soft materials, easily undergoing trans-cis isomerization or orientation under influence of external electromagnetic field. The main important characteristic of this new azopolymer is the ability to self-induced well organized pattern on the surface with a single laser beam. We show in this work how the structure properties of polymer nanofilms, nanotubes, nanospheres or nanowires containing azobenzene can be controlled by light for new photonics applications. Spatially confined excitation of unidirectional motions could make it possible the local control of mechanical properties of the material and its structuration.