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Project engineering unit

Person in charge : Grégory Sauder

The « Project engineering unit » is in charge of bringing performant technical solutions to both ongoing and future experiments developed in the Laboratory.

Working upon specification defined in collaboration with the researchers, this unit offers an actual support for building high-level experiments. Thanks to the pertinent gathering of complementary expertise, combining mechanics, electronics, information system and networks, instrumental programming, and chemistry, the unit can efficiently answer all the various requests originating from the two main thematic of the Laboratory, i.e., MOSAIQ and Fluides & Matériaux Complexes.

This unit mainly relies on the competences and know-how of the following technical workshops :
- Mechanics workshop,
- Electronics workshop,
- Experimental data acquisition workshop.

For specific needs, this unit takes advantages of the support of two additional technical units :
- Information Technology & Network unit,
- Chemistry facilities.

When competences in "Optical Measurmements" are required, the unit can benefit from the collaboration with :
- Tronche Hervé (MOSAIQ thematics).

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