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Physica 301MCR rheometer

This commercial rheometer manufactured by Anton Paar is characterized by a high performance electronic control loop that allows for measures either stress or shear rate imposed with almost the same efficiency. It is also provided with anormal force measurements . The rheometer is equipped with devices to broaden their "classical" field of use :

  • under magnetic field measurement devices
  1. a coil - ensures a very homogeneous field H max = 35kA / m and allows the use of all geometries
  2. a cell based on an electromagnet -it achieves the field Hmax = 600kA / m in the magnetic parallel plates geometry
  • measurement device for highly concentrated suspensions : "systemic" geometry in shape of a double helicoidal ribbon - Create an "effective" shear without slipping
  • optical display device for the cone-plate and parallel plates geometries
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Rheometer Physica MCR301
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Physica MCR301 specifications