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Adhésion des membranes et filaments sur les substrats patternés

Olivier Pierre-Louis

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Substrate patterning is shown to be a convenient method to control the adhesion of membranes and filaments for objects of biological interest (such as lipid membranes and actin filaments), and for carbon nanostructures (e.g. graphene and nanotubes). From a simple one-dimensional model, we find infinite staircases of periodic partial unbinding transitions, and an unbinding transition when thermal fluctuations are negligible (at low temperatures) [1].

We discuss more precisely the adhesion of graphene, in collaboration with two experimental groups in Lyon, France [2], and in Maryland, USA [3]. We find not only unbinding, but also a wrinkling transition. In addition, quantitative agreement is achieved with simple models.

In the case of filaments at finite temperature[4], the pattern not only permits a control of adhesion, it also leads to an unbinding phase transition at finite temperatures. The dimensionality of transverse fluctuations controls the continuity of the transition, and in some cases, re-entrant binding is observed as temperature is increased.

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