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Entanglement and Thouless times from coincidence measurements across disordered media

Nicolas Cherroret

Mardi 7 décembre 2010

à 11h00, en salle C. Brot.

When light propagates in a disordered medium, it generally experiences a diffusion process. In some cases however, when the disorder strength is increased, interference between multiple scattering paths may build in, which lead to non-vanishing intensity correlations between different points of the scattering sample. If this picture is today well understood in situations where the light is in a classical state, less is known about multiple scattering of non-classical light. We will investigate the propagation of a photon-pair, a strongly nonclassical state of light, in a disordered medium. We will show that interference contributions to the coincidence counting rate of the two transmitted photons contain information about the spectral entanglement of the pair, and about the dynamical properties of the medium. A possible experimental technique for accessing this information will be proposed.

Voir en ligne : Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg