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Nice Days of Waves in Complex Media

7-9 juin 2010

Les troisièmes Nice Days of Waves in Complex Media auront lieu du 7 au 9 juin 2010 à l’Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Elles seront dédiées aux Lasers aléatoires. Selon les organisateurs, Patrick Sebbah et Robin Kaiser : "This new domain of laser physics has opened interesting avenues in both theoretical and experimental investigations of random active media. Since the seminal work of Lethokov in the sixties, random lasing has been observed and studied in many scattering systems from suspensions in dye solutions to semiconductor powders, from random fibers to biological tissues. Important theoretical questions have been raised during these last decade, as to the nature of the lasing modes in these mirrorless lasers. New directions have been recently initiated, for instance random lasing in cold atomic gases. Beyond the fundamental aspects, possible important applications start to emerge. Most of these developments both experimentally and theoretically, will be covered during this conference. Keeping close to the spirit of this workshop, each presentation will be followed by a substantial amount of time dedicated to discussions."

Toutes les informations (programme, orateurs invités, ...) sont disponibles sur le site du workshop. Attention, le nombre de participants est limité à 40.