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Edge states in strained honeycomb lattices : a microwave experiment

Mathieu Bellec

Mercredi 5 février 2014

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Artificial graphene is an emerging field which offers a playground to investigate physical phenomena related to massless Dirac fermions in situations hardly reachable in genuine graphene (a 2D honeycomb arrangement of carbon atoms). As reported recently [1], many different low-energy physical systems such as 2D electron gas, ultracold atoms in optical lattice, molecular assembly, and photonic crystals constitute pertinent candidates. The key advantage of these systems resides in the high flexibility and control regarding the lattice properties. Here, I will talk about recent experimental results obtained in a photonic artificial graphene-like lattice working in the microwave regime [2,3]. I will first focus on the observation of a topological phase transition from a gapless to a gapped phase (Lifshitz transition). Then I will present a detailed experimental study on the existence of edge states in a uni-axial strained honeycomb lattice and discuss its topological origin [4].

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