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Linkam rheo-optical shearing system

The Linkam Optical Shearing System (CSS450) allows structural dynamics of complex fluids to be directly observed via standard optical microscope while they are under precisely controlled temperature and various shear modes. Using the optical shearing cell, it is possible to study the microstructure evolution of complex fluids in great details for many physical processes, e.g. coarsening of binary fluids during their phase separations, flow-induced mixing and demixing of polymer blends, defects dynamics of liquid crystals, aggregation of red blood cells and their deformation in flows etc. The CSS450 uses two highly polished quartz plates that are parallel to within 2um. Each plate is in thermal contact with an independently controlled pure silver heater utilising platinum resistors sensitive to 0.1°C. Temperature range :-50°C to 450°C The bottom plate, on which the sample is placed, operates in either oscillatory, steady or step shear modes programmed within a motor control spread sheet. To facilitate various textures or particle sizes in different samples, the gap between the two plates can be precisely set from 5 to 2500um, the speed of this change in gap setting can also be varied

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