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Light transport in laser-structured media

- Leader : Bellec Mathieu

- Collaborators within the LPMC : De Micheli Marc, Kuhl Ulrich, Michel Claire, Mortessagne Fabrice

- External Collaborators : Tzortzakis S. (IESL-FORTH, Greece)

- Description :

When light interacts with matter, structural modifications may occur. Reciprocally, an artificially structured material affects light transport. These two aspects of the light/matter interaction are at the core of this research project. Indeed, on the one hand, direct laser writing technique will be employed to fabricate artificial materials with tunable optical properties (both linear and nonlinear). On the other hand, one will consider the light propagation in such media. For instance, we will focus on photonic lattices, an array of evanescently coupled waveguides, where light propagation is analog to the dynamics of the electronic wavefunction in solid state physics. Many exotic propagation modes (such as edge states in strained honeycomb lattices) are expected to be observed. More generally, the study of the interplay between complex laser-induced structures and nonlinearities will be experimentally addressed.

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MOSAIQ, Physique Mésoscopique, Photonique