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Le LPMC en couverture de Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics

L’article "Highly oleophobic properties of PEDOP polymers with short perfluorobutyl chains separated by long alkyl spacers and amido connectors", écrit par Thierry Darmanin et Frédéric Guittard du LPMC, a été mis à l’honneur en illustrant la couverture de Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics.

Résumé de l’article :

In order to find alternatives to long perfluorinated chains, due to their bioaccumulative potentials, in the elaboration of superoleophobic surfaces, an original 3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole (EDOP) derivative containing a perfluorobutyl chain (F-butyl) is synthesized and characterized. The F-butyl chain is separated from the EDOP moiety by a long undecyl spacer and an amido connector in order to reduce its mobility. The electrodeposition of the corresponding polymer leads to superhydrophobic and highly oleophobic properties with contact angles of 158.5°, 137.0°, and 129.1° for water, diiodomethane, and hexadecane, respectively. Here, the presence of amido groups seems to specifically increase the oil-repellent properties in comparison with the water-repellent properties, due to the polarity of this group.

L’article est disponible sur le site de l’éditeur, et sur HAL.

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