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Power transfer among modes and waveguides : CTAP and W-states

Krishna Thyagarajan

à 11h en salle C. Brot

The talk will present our recent initial results on two topics related to power transfer among modes of a waveguide using periodic interaction and among closely lying waveguides through evanescent field interaction. Using an analogy between a three level atomic system and the three modes of an optical waveguide, a mimic scheme of coherent tunnelling adiabatic passage (CTAP) in an optical fiber will be presented. Using the proposed counter intuitive coupling scheme, it is shown in an optical waveguide it is possible to achieve power transfer from one mode to another mode via a third intermediate mode with the intermediate mode having negligible excitation. Non classical W-states are very interesting from the point of view of their applications in quantum information science. A new design for the generation of N-partite single photon W-state state using a waveguide array consisting of (2N-1) waveguides interacting through evanescent coupling is proposed that exhibits much greater tolerance to the device length as well as the input wavelength thus making it easy for experimental realization.