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Simulations of Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Lasing in Random Media

Jonathan Andreasen

Mercredi 22 septembre 2010

à 11h en salle C. Brot

We simulate the transition from amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) to lasing in random systems with varying degrees of mode overlap. This is accomplished by solving the stochastic Maxwell-Bloch equations with the finite-difference time-domain method. Below lasing threshold, the continuous emission spectra are narrowed by frequency-dependent amplification. Our simulations reproduce the stochastic emission spikes in the spectra. Well-defined peaks, corresponding to the system resonances, emerge at higher pumping and are narrowed by stimulated emission before lasing takes place. Noise tends to distribute pump energy over many modes, resulting in multi-mode operation. Well above the lasing threshold, the effects of noise lessen and results become similar to those without noise. By comparing systems of different scattering strength, we find that weaker scattering extends the transition region from ASE to lasing, where the effects of noise are most significant.