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Integrated optics on lithium niobate


- Supervisor : De Micheli Marc

- Involved Engineers / Technicians : Doutre Florent, Quillier Emmanuel, Tronche Hervé

- Assignments :

OptiniL mainly aims at manufacturing optical waveguides on lithium niobate using the home-developed technique of Soft Proton Exchange (SPE). The staff members involved in this platform take care of most of the necessary operations for both the manufacture and the characterization of components and integrated optical circuits on Lithium Niobate conceived in the laboratory. They also participate to the development of new optical circuits manufacturing processes and tools. Thanks to an agreement of close collaboration with the CRHEA (CNRS UPR10), OptiniL takes advantage, for the lithography processes, of the facilities available at the CRHEATEC platform. Periodic poling and ionic exchange stages are then performed in specific equipments developed and realized in the LPMC. For cutting and polishing, an agreement was made with a subcontractor carefully selected.

- Equipments :

Thanks to a regularly widened park of lasers sources and detectors, the platform finally performs linear and nonlinear optical characterizations in the visible and the near infrared of the realized components. Among those characterizations, one can list the measurements of the index profile, the propagation losses, the rate of polarization conversion, the nonlinear coefficient and the nonlinear efficiency of conversion. These means of characterization can also be used to test components of other origins or realized on other materials.



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