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Superfluid turbulence : cascades, waves and quantum vortices.

Giorgio Krstulovic

à 11h, en salle C. BROT

In this talk I will explain what is a superfluid and introduce a simple model able to reproduce many aspect of its dynamics : the Gross—Pitaevskii (GP) equation, that is the three-dimensional nonlinear Schroedinger equation with the defocusing sign.

I will discuss why the GP equation models a superfluid and how topological defects in the form of quantised vortex lines arise naturally in this system. I will show how these coherent structures nonlinearly interact, reconnect and evolve. In particular, I will introduce the concept of superfluid turbulence (sometimes known as quantum turbulence) in this model and its similarities and differences with classical hydrodynamical turbulence. More precisely, I willl explain how and why different physical phenomena emerge at different scales, focusing on what are the principle mechanisms responsible for transferring energy and what are the main results and key open questions in this area.