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Thèse : Contrôle et dynamique d’objets capillaires : Impact d’un jet sur un film de savon et Effet d’un champ électrique sur une goutte en caléfaction

Geoffroy Kirstetter

à 14h en salle C. Brot


We have studied the impact of a millimetric jet on a soap film. According to the Weber number and the incident angle of the jet, we have shown that the jet may either pass through the film or be absorbed by the film. In the first case, the jet passage through the film deforms the latter. This deformation absorbs a portion of the energy of the jet which is then refracted. In the second case, the jet does not have sufficient amount of vertical movement to pass through the film and he undulates on the film.

We then investigated the effect of an electrical field on a Leidenfrost droplet. An interferometric method allowed us to know the three-dimensional profile of the liquid-vapor interface below the drop. Without electrical field, this interface is concave. The application of a low electrical field attracts the circumference of the interface to the substrate. By applying a more intense electrical field, the drop in calefaction comes in contact with the substrate. A current flows in the system and the drop behavior is like a threshold’s resistor.