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GDR Quantum Information, Foundations & Applications (IQFA)

- Director : Tanzilli Sébastien (LPMC)

- CNRS label : N°3322


- Financial support

  • The CNRS Institute of Physics (INP)
  • The CNRS Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS)

- Missions :

  • to shape the discipline in order to create stronger bridges between the various involved thematics ;
  • to establish a shared basis of knowledge through specific lecturing activities when the workshops of the GDR occur ;
  • to promote both the foundations and the applications of Quantum Information in a "bound-free laboratory" to facilitate the emergence of new projects which meet the current and future challenges of the field.

- For more information : see online GDR - IQFA

Voir en ligne : Website of the GDR - IQFA