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GDR Glass

- Director : Montagne Lionel (UCCS, Lille)

- LPMC Member within the scientific committee of the GDR - Verres : Blanc Wilfried

- CNRS label : N°3338


- Financial support

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- Missions :

  • To organize scientific exchanges between research teams working on the theme of glass in France.
  • To promote a multidisciplinary approach with the participation of teams from Institutes of Chemistry, Physics, Science of the Universe and Engineering and Systems Sciences, and in close relationship with CEA teams.
  • To provide a scientific approach to problems of industrial glass sector. To maintain a dialogue with the industry through relationships with Institute of Glass, USTV, competitivness clusters and participation of industrials to the scientific council of the GDR.
  • To be a place of scientific exchange on current issues : development of new functional glasses in response to expectations in the areas of energy and sustainable development, development of glass in complex environments, new advances in characterizations and modelings of properties and structure, improvement of glass fabrication processes.

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Voir en ligne : Website of the GDR - Verres


MOSAIQ, Fibres Optiques