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Experimental data acquisition workshop

Responsable : Grégory Sauder

- Missions :

The experimental data acquisition workshop is composed by a generalist engineer working in strong collaboration with the Mechanics and Electronics workshops of the Laboratory. His competences are essentially related to experimental measurements and data acquisition : conception of analysis and measurement channels, software development (LabVIEW) for automation and data acquisition and treatment. He also supports the researchers in their choices when new sensors or instruments are about tio be ordered.

The workshop skills are : mechanical conception of instruments (e.g., sub-micrometer alignment benches for optical fibers with video control on 2 axis), driving and control softwares for manipulating and/or fabricating optical fibers (e.g., software automation of the optical fiber preform center, preform characterization software via the instrument P101), ultra-vacuum (e.g. conception of a purification and gas exhaust bench reaching 10^{-10} mbar), costed/technical feasibility studies, wide-range conception in strong collaboration with the researchers upon specifications.

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