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Europhysics Letters’ "Editor’s choice"

The article "Reactive Leidenfrost droplets", written by C. Raufaste, Y. Bouret et F. Celestini from LPMC, has been highlighted by an "editors’ choice" when published in Europhysics Letters.

Abstract :

We experimentally investigate the reactivity of Leidenfrost droplets with their supporting substrates. Several organic liquids are put into contact with a copper substrate heated above their Leidenfrost temperature. As the liquid evaporates, the gaseous flow cleans the superficial copper oxide formed at the substrate surface and the reaction maintains a native copper spot below the evaporating droplet. The copper spot can reach several times the droplet size for the most reactive organic compounds. This study shows an interesting coupling between the physics of the Leidenfrost effect and the mechanics of reactive flows. Different applications are proposed such as drop motion tracking and vapor flow monitoring.

"Reactive Leidenfrost droplets", C. Raufaste, Y. Bouret and F. Celestini, EPL (Europhysics Letters), Volume 114, Number 4, 2016


Fluides & Matériaux Complexes, (Enseignants-)Chercheurs, MIMIC