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Welcome to Twin Peaks : momentum-space signatures of An- derson localization

Cord Mueller

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Quantum Systems with structural disorder present big challenges when is comes to understanding their phase-space dynamics. In particular, Anderson localization is well known to sup- press classical diffusion of (matter) waves in real space — but much less was known about its momentum-space signatures. Recently, a new signature of strong Anderson localization has been discovered numerically for ultracold atoms following a quantum quench : a twin-peak signal in the particles’ momentum distribution. This structure combines the familiar back-scattering peak with a coherent forward-scattering peak [1]. The forward peak appears to be a genuine signal for the onset of strong localization, surviving in the presence of weak magnetic fields. Later, non-perturbative calculations in a quasi-1D setting [2] have confirmed that the forward peak can serve as a reliable signature of Anderson localization, which promises to hand us a valuable detection tool especially in cold-atom experiments.

[1] T. Karpiuk et al., PRL 109, 190601 (2012)

[2] T. Micklitz et al., arXiv:1311.2268 (PRL accepted)

Cord A. Mueller, Department of Physics, University of Konstanz, Germany