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Controlled stress rheometers RS 600 and RS150

These commercial devices manufactured by the company ThermoFisher have the same operating principle, they use the same control software and differ by the values of maximum torque  :
200 mNm for RS600 and 150mNm for RS150 and secondly by a possibility for measuring the normal force on the RS600. Rheometers are equipped with devices to broaden their "classical" field of use :

  • under magnetic field measurement devices
    • solenoid - ensures very homogeneous field H max = 35kA / m and allows the use of all geometries
    • cell based on an electromagnet - allows reaching the field Hmax = 600kA / m in the magnetic parallel planes geometry
  • measurement device for highly concentrated suspensions : a "systemic" geometry - double helicoidal ribbon allows to create an "effective" shear without slipping
  • optical display device in the cone-plate geometry and plane-plane
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Rheometer RS600
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geometry "double helicoidal ribbon"