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Colloquium on Lasers and Quantum Optics (COLOQ)

- Main organizer : French Optical Society (SFO)

- President : Levenson Ariel - Laboratoire de Photonique et Nanostructures (LPN, CNRS UPR 20)

- LPMC Member within the scientific committee : Tanzilli Sébastien (Secrétaire)

- Presentation

In the spirit of gathering academic and industrial partners of rapidly evolving fields, such as lasers, quantum and nonlinear optics, COLOQ aims at covering, among other topics, cold and/or isolated atoms and molecules, optical properties of small sized objects, Bose-Einstein condensation, and quantum communication.

With the development of laser technologies, quantum communication, nano-photonics, as well as cooling atoms with lasers, the Laser and Quantum Optics field continues to have a rapid evolution. With this dynamics are associated fundamental advances on understanding the nature of light and matter, of their interactions, that are at the very heart of a variety of applications. Laser physics and photonics are actual transverse fields of research, as stated, among others, by the above mentioned applications.

The speeding of knowledge in these transverse fields, emphasized by fast technological advances and by the continuously growing power of theoretical models and of numerical simulations, necessitates deep exchanges between all the partners, from both the academy and the industry, involving students and senior researchers. This is the main aim of COLOQ, organized every two years by the Club COLQ of the French Optical Society (SFO).

- Thematics :

  • Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Information and systems
  • Sources, lasers
  • Trapped or isolated ions
  • Cold atoms
  • etc.

- For more information : see online COLOQ

Voir en ligne : COLOQ website