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Class-10000 clean room

- Supervisor : Noblin Xavier

- Assignments :

The Class 10000 clean room is made up of a lock room of 2m2 and the main room of 9 m2. Two ultrafilter boxes send a clean air down towards the room. The air is renewed every two minutes and lead to a class 10000 in the entire room. This room has been built in 2008.

The necessary equipments are present in order to prepare devices by photolithography (SU8 photoresist) : mold for textured surfaces (pillars) or microfluidic devices (fluidics, optofluidics, biomimetism...).

The room is open to the laboratory members who want use the equipments and to proceed to preparation or cleaning of samples.

- Equipments :

  • Spin coater
  • Plasma apparatus
  • Chemical hood
  • 2 class 100 boxes
  • Heating plate, balance
  • UV lamp, parallel beam, 3 inches
  • Vacuum pump and degasing bell
  • Ultra pure water


Fluides & Matériaux Complexes

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