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Characterization of complex petroleum products

- Leader : Sbirrazzuoli Nicolas

- Collaborators within the LPMC : Vincent Luc, Guigo Nathanaël, Mija Alice

- External Collaborators : TOTAL Raffinage Marketing - Research Center in Solaize

- Doctorants/Post-docs : Moncel Matthieu, Barale Sébastien

- Financial supports : research support and CIFRE grant from TOTAL

- Technological platforms : Thermal, mechanical, and rheological analysis, Center for Micro & Nanorheometry

- Description :

Thermal analysis and calorimetry are widely applied to the study of petroleum products. Faced with the development of formulations and tools, it is necessary to constantly renew analytical approaches for a better understanding of structure / properties / performance. The objective of this work is to develop advanced techniques for analysis and data treatment, for the characterization and prediction of macroscopic properties of petroleum technology, for the understanding of the thermal and mechanical behaviors. This work enables the development of new formulations, modification of certain industrial processes and get more efficient materials, while reducing the energy costs of production and emissions of undesirable compounds generated by industrial process or during the use of the product (looking for more eco-friendly processes).

Confidential projects.


Fluides & Matériaux Complexes, Matériaux Éco-compatibles