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Center for Micro & Nanorheometry

- Supervisor : Kuzhir Pavel

- Involved Engineers / Technicians : Volkova Olga

- Assignments :

Centre for Micro & nanorheometry is one of the technological platforms of the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis. It is accessible to member laboratories and in the framework of contracts or services, to external companies or laboratories.
It manages equipment dedicated to measuring forces (AFM nanoindenter) or torque (rotational rheometers) at micro and nanometric scales and characterization of nanoparticles (size, charge, etc.).
The center is housed in the premises of LPMC which makes available some of its equipment ; other devices are located in different Member laboratories and remain usable under the same conditions.

The action of the center has three axes :

  1. Pooling the use of existing equipment on the site and acquire those it considers necessary to develop its expertise
  2. Suggest to partner laboratories (public or private) and companies activities or services related to its expertise
  3. Provide training in these techniques as part of university education and ongoing formation

- Equipments :


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