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Associative memory and bottom-up materials synthesis

Arvind Murugan

Mercredi 25 juin 2014

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Biology builds many structures in a bottom-up manner : locally interacting degreess of freedom are programmed to produce a desired global behavior. For example, proteins self-assemble into macromolecular complexes ; RNA and protein polymers fold into 3-d structures ; membranes with locally varying growth rates fold into structures during development of organisms. Recent methods of materials science have emulated these examples, raising questions about limits and possibilities in this bottom-up framework. Can the bottom-up framework produce multi-potent materials that respond to the environment ? For example, can a set of static pre-programmed particles assemble into different structures on command ? By connecting such a system to ideas in theoretical neuroscience, I will argue for a ’parameter demixing’ property of disordered heterogeneous systems that enables simple design of multi-potent materials in general contexts.


Fluides & Matériaux Complexes