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Dynamical tunneling in systems with a mixed phase space.

Arnd Bäcker

à 11h en salle C. Brot

Typical dynamical systems have a mixed phase space, in which regions of chaotic motion coexist with regions of regular motion. While classically these regions are dynamically separated, quantum mechanically, these regions are connected by the fundamental process of tunneling. In one-dimensional integrable systems this is well understood, but the quantitative prediction of so-called dynamical tunneling rates in systems with a mixed phase space is a long-standing open challenge.

In this talk we give an introduction to the dynamics in systems with a mixed phase space, their quantum properties and the prediction of dynamical tunneling rates. These tunneling rates describe the decay of states localized inside the regular region towards the so-called chaotic sea. For their determination we introduce the fictitious integrable system approach. Agreement with numerical data will be presented for kicked systems, two-dimensional billiards and optical microcavities.