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Quantitative Microanalysis with Electron Probe SXFive

Mona Moret

à 11h, en salle C. BROT

CAMECA leader in scientific instruments has been manufacturing Electron Microprobe (EPMA) since 1958. An introduction on the history of CAMECA from the 1958 to today’s SXFive will be presented.

Thanks to its precision, its reproducibility and its stability, Electron Microprobe is a well suited technique for accurately analyzing nearly all chemical elements at concentration levels down to few 10’s ppm with a spatial resolution of about 1 µm, which is relevant to microstructures in a wide variety of materials and mineral specimens.

The basics of the EPMA will be reviewed. The different types of detectors used to analyze samples and perform quantitative analysis such as wavelength dispersive spectrometers (WDS) or Energy dispersive spectrometers (EDS) will be compared.Typical EPMA SXFive outputs and results will be shown from various domains such as geology, metallurgy and materials science.

With the development of the Schottky emitter and its implementation as electron source in Electron Microprobe, small features are commonly analyzed down to sub-micrometer scale. The challenges and usage optimization of such sources will be reviewed. The use of low-energy X-ray lines for quantitative analysis presenting new analytical challenges will also be reviewed briefly.