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Random Lasers and Random Fiber Lasers : Recent Advances and Multidisciplinary Applications

Anderson Gomez

11h — Site Sophia

Random Lasers (RL) are a new kind of coherent photon sources which do not require mirrors to provide gain feedback. Instead, they exploit the scattering of a strongly scattering media. In this talk, I shall review the advances in the understanding of RL over the last 20 years, including RL in colloidal dye systems, random fiber lasers, plasmonically enhanced RL, multiphoton pumping and rare earth doped RL. Recent applications in sensing, nanothermometry and imaging for biodiagnostics will be highlighted. The more recent multidisciplinary applications using RL and RFL as platforms for observation of physical statistics phenomena such as Lévy-like behavior, photonic spin glass behavior and turbulence will also be discussed, with emphasis on recent results obtained in the Photonics and Biophotonics Laboratory, DF/UFPE.