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Hybrid entangled states of light

Alessandro Zavatta

à 14h en salle C. Brot

Quantum states of light are very important in the context of fundamental studies of quantum mechanics and they have potential applications in the in the development of new quantum technologies based on quantum information processing and quantum communications.

Recently, a new kind of entangled state has been generated, here a single-photon (which is a genuinely quantum object) is entangled with a coherent state (the most classical among all pure states) ; this kind of hybrid entanglement is the closest optical analog to the idea of entangling “classical” and “quantum” states that is found in the famous Schroedinger’s cat Gedankenexperiment, where a microscopic atom and a cat were assumed to be entangled to each other. Besides, its fundamental importance, hybrid entanglement is also a bridge between discrete- and continuous-variables ways to encode quantum information and a useful resource for optical quantum information processing.