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Année en cours

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HDR : Aurélie Jullien

jeudi 28 septembre 2017 14h — Site Sophia

During this defence, I will present an overview of my research activities over the past 10 years, in LOA (Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée, France) and INPHYNI. The framework of my research is the temporal shaping of ultra-short (femtosecond) and  (...)

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Séminaire doctorants 2e année

10h30 — Khalid OUBAHA
Titre :
Encadrement : Ulrich Kuhl, Olivier Legrand
Résumé :
11h — Aurélien ELOY
Titre :
Encadrement :
Résumé :
11h30 — Florent MAZEAS
Titre :
Encadrement : Laurent Labonté, Sébastien Tanzilli
Résumé  (...)

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Tom Alsop

vendredi 29 septembre 2017 11h — Site Valrose

Résumé à venir

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Jennifer Goldman

vendredi 22 septembre 2017 11h — Site Sophia

A mechanistic understanding of the mind remains one of the most substantive problems in science, but the probabilistic nature of neural signals seems to oc- clude a deep understanding of brain activity. Between behavioral states and individual  (...)

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Séminaire doctorants 2e année

10h30 — Jean DECAMP
Titre : Symmetries of One-dimentional Strongly Correlated Quantum Mixtures
Encadrement : Mathias Albert, Patrizia Vignolo
Résumé : Ultracold atom experiments allow to engineer and probe, with an in- credible and  (...)

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Stefano Taccheo

vendredi 15 septembre 2017 11h — Site Valrose

This seminar reviews the work done in fibre and waveguide laser and amplifier and propose future research lines. Emphasize will be on the generation of new wavelength regimes, as Mid-Infrared laser action using different pumping schemes and its  (...)

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Claus Zimmermann

jeudi 14 septembre 2017 11h — Site Sophia

A Bose Einstein condensate inside the light mode of an optical resonator is probably the most fundamental scenario of light interacting with a bunch of atoms. In fact, this scenario turned out to be a surprisingly rich test bed to investigate  (...)

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Francesco Enrichi

vendredi 8 septembre 2017 11h — Site Sophia

The spectroscopic properties of rare earth ions (RE3+), which are characterized by specific narrow photoluminescence emissions and long luminescence lifetimes, make them suitable for many optical applications. Their use is well established in  (...)

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